Coming from Japan, Kentaro Kondo originally started as a hairdresser after graduating from Tokyo’s Yamano Beauty College in 2004, but it was only in 2007 that his journey in fashion truly kicked off when he moved to London. He states his mother, who was Kanebo’s beauty advisor, and two elder sisters as his inspirations for doing what he does now.

Since the early years, even during assisting times in both London and Japan Kentaro always tried to shoot on his own and look for his own aesthetic. He travelled around Asia, worked in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Warsaw, where he developed a vast list of connections and collaborators. Working for many international publications, including Harpers Bazaar, Elle, L’Officiel and Marie Claire.

Kentaro always stresses the significance of the balance between hair, make up and styling in order to build believable and unforgettable characters. In make-up he acknowledges the same principle of balance between great, natural skin and “striving for imperfection”which is more interesting and real.

Kentaro is based in London.


Crash Magazine, Elle (China, Poland), Figaro, Ginza (Japan) Glamour (Poland), Harpers Bazaar (China, Argentina, Serbia), KURV, L’Officiel (Mexico, Malaysia, Greece, Indonesia, Ukraine), Marie Claire (China), Ponytail, Surface, Tatler (Hong Kong) Vision China, UMNO, Viva Moda, Volt, Wonderland (UK)

Avon, EDIT, Hush, KTZ, L’Oreal, Lucien Wang, Misbehave, Pantene, Schwarzkopf, Solar and Taro Horiuchi