Marie wasn’t a fan of make-up as a child, she used to draw with her mum’s lip liner, instead, she wanted to take after her dad and be a session drummer in a punk band. It wasn’t until she was 16, that Marie got hooked, after meeting a make-up artist at her Saturday job as a piercer.

Marie went on to be a make-up model at Charles Fox where they did make-up demos/classes in return for free tuition. She then did a short course at LCF, followed by a degree course at 23, which she later abandoned. The rest is history…

Marie’s passion with make-up is based on balance and harmony—knowing when to push forward and pull back creatively, whilst ALWAYS maintaining beautiful skin. Marie loves skin.

Marie’s career as a make-up artist officially kicked off after doing the shows with Pat McGrath, in which her first show was assisting on Margiela Couture, followed by a short stint assisting Andrew Gallimore and Sharon Dowsett.

In May 2016, Marie was asked to join PYLOT magazine, which is all about film and no retouching. Being part of this creative outlet helps her to push her skill level, in terms of perfection, integrity and building up valuable relationships with brands.

Marie loves skate boarding, painting and she loves music.

Her biggest compliment so far is being called ‘resourceful’.

Marie is Beauty Editor at Pylot Magazine and is currently based in London.


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